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We Are poncho's 

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3 tasty and amazing quesa Birria tacos with a side of consome and lime
Three friends enjoying some delicious Birria Tacos

About Poncho's

Hey! welcome to our official website. Let me take you to all the way to the beginning. The Poncho's story began in the summer of 2022. Four Grad students with a burning passion for food fell upon the idea of starting our very own Birria taco stand at the Richmond Night Market. We decided to do birria and mexican cuisine because we saw a lack of real authentic mexican cuisine near us, and as avid mexican food-loving kids it was our only choice. At first it was merely an idea, a dream, but as time went on we all made the decision to pursue this venture of ours and try to create something out of this "idea", and bring great tasting and creative takes on traditional birria dishes to the Richmond night market.


We can't wait to serve you and share our love of Mexican food with you. Stop by and give our Birria Tacos a try – we promise you won't be disappointed!



Meet the crew:

Matt (Chef Berd) he's the cooking mastermind behind the operation with years of experience in the kitchen


Kenito , the coordinator, the supervisor, the one everyone goes to when in need


Mikito, social media and pretty much everything you see

Danny, Social media manager, event coordinator


Henry (the brains), handles all the stuff behind the scenes that you don't see, finances, logistics, the Stuff you don't know about


opening hours

Richmond Night Market

7:00pm - 12:00am








Contact Us

8351 River Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 1Y4

Tent F25



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